Name:Desktop type fiber laser marking machine


Fiber laser uselife is about 100000 hours.

Maintenance Free
Fiber laser is virtually Maintenance Free compared to other conventional laser, as it doesn’t have mirror to be aligned and almost no optical components, which could have been damaged.

Beam quality
The out put beam quality is exceptionally good with diffraction of m2 < 1.5 to 2.0 depending on the power requirement. This leads to better performance and Improves power to work ratio.

Fiber laser system is air cooled rather water-cooled multi-channel diode bars.

Operating cost
It operates at very low electricity consumption and it normally cooled by just air-cooling, which leads to significantly lower operating cost.

Heat Dissipation
The total power generation and build in fiber laser occurs along a long length of fiber. Thus heat is dispersed over a large surface area unlike DPSSL where heat is normally localized, leading to failure.

Beam Delivery
The biggest benefit of fiber laser is that the Gain Medium is fiber & delivery is also through the fiber. This leads to less chances of failure at coupling point between gain medium and delivery when extended to the workplace.

The efficiency of fiber laser is up to 20%.

Technical parameter