Name:3000*1500mm fiber laser cutting machine


Machine Features

1. High quality cutting: Adopted Switzerland RAYTOOLS professional laser cutting head, to ensure the best cutting results.

2. Fiber laser source: adopted Maxphotonics laser source, which is the first domestic brand of the stable and reliable medium power laser source, have good performance;

3. Easy to operate: Adopted worlds leading technology EtherCAT bus USA cnc laser cutting system, very easy to operate;

4. Open gantry structure: Adopted bridge gantry structure, imported rack rail drive,and using centralized lubrication device, easy to maintain;

5. Stable and practical: Adopted reinforced welded bed, after the tempering treatment and vibration aging to eliminate stress, so the machine tool deformation can be controlled in ± 0.02mm;

6. Industrial aesthetic appearance design: The beam is made with drawing craft and the fine milling processing, it has light weight, high rigidity and good dynamic performance;

7. High efficiency and saving materials: The optical path of the whole machine is transmitted by optic fiber, External optical path is free maintenance, consumable consumes little.

Advantage of optical fiber lasercutting machine

1.Excellent beam quality: smallerfocus spot, cutting line finer, more productive,better processing quality;

2.High cutting speed: 2 times of samepower co2 laser cutting machine;

3.High stability: adopt high qualityfiber laser, with stable performance and service life of key components of isup to 100000 hours;

4.High electro-optical conversionefficiency: fiber laser cutting machine electro-optic conversion efficiency is

three times higher than co2 lasercutting machine , energy conservation and environmental is eco-freiendly ;
5.Lower cost: the machine power consumption is only 20-30% of similar co2 lasercutting machine;

6.Extreme low maintenance cost: nolaser working gas;optical fiber transmission, without reflection lens;can savelots of maintenance cost;

7. Easy operation : optical fibertransmission, do not need to adjust the light path;

8.Super flexible light effect: smallsize, compact structure, optical fiber transmission, it makes flexible

manufacturing requirements more easyto reach.


Carbon steel ,mild steel,SS ,aluminumalloy plate and copper plate and other metal.It is suitable for medium and thinthickness material processing.

Applied in sheet metal processing,aviation, aerospace, electronics, electrical appliances, tube fittings,automobile, food machinery, textile machinery, engineering machinery, precisionparts, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevators, household appliances, sheetmetal processing, kitchen utensils and appliances, craft gifts, toolprocessing, decoration, advertising, metal processing and other manufacturingindustries.


Technical parameter